The Club is affiliated with Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA). All members are entitled to ANSA membership by paying an annual subscription fee. As an ANSA member you will automatically be entitled to an insurance scheme details of which can be found on the ANSA web site where there is a link on the Sea Bees web site.

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ANSA offers outings and competitions at both saltwater and freshwater locations under its national Sportfishing rules, which are similar to Gamefishing. Points are scored on the basis of fish weight and length, line strength, and covers line classes from 1kg to 37kg breaking strain. There rules are continually being reviewed and now include non-line class and the use of braid type lines. The ANSA competitions are popular family outings attracting participants from more than a dozen fishing Clubs including the Sea Bees. Details of the locations can be found on the ANSA web site.

The Sea Bees has two (2) ANSA representatives elected each year at the AGM. This person’s name is provided on the website. They will be pleased to provide more details about ANSA including an ANSA rule book.

For full details, please the ANSA website