LAKE LYELL 2019 - Rules and Entry Information


1.1.  Convention Dates and Fishing boundaries

Fishing from:                     12 noon Friday 24th May - 12 noon Sunday 26th May 2019
Fishing boundary:             Lake Lyell, Lake Wallace and Thompsons Creek Dam

1.2.  Convention Entry Fees

Fees are as follows:

  • Seniors: $35.00,

  • Juniors: Free (Under 16 years as at 1st July 2019 must be accompanied by a responsible adult).

 Fees to be paid;

  • via the online registration at
        Credit/debit card or PayPal accepted

  • Or posted to the Treasurer,
        Sea Bees Fishing Club Inc.
        P.O. Box 1432, Baulkham Hills. NSW 1755.

  • Late payments will incur an additional $5 fee.

  • Contact Treasurer Rob Sinclair 0487 017 018 with any questions.

  • Excludes Park entry/camping fees.

1.3.  Closing Date for entries

Friday 17th May 2019.

1.4.  Briefing & Registration

Competitors are required to register at the Ski Hut (Convention HQ) situated on the foreshore, just west of the covered BBQ area. 

On site angler registrations open at 11am Friday 24th May 2018. Participants are required to register prior to commencing fishing. Upon registration all participants will receive a registration identification card with the entrant’s name and boat number.

A briefing for competitors will be held in the Registration Area at 11:45am Friday 24th

1.5.  Catering

The Convention does not provide meals for the complete weekend.  A free sausage sizzle (including soft drinks) will be provided prior to the Presentation on Sunday at noon.

1.6.  ANSA Membership

All participants (other than for Non ANSA member category) must be current paid up ANSA members prior to the event. Membership cannot be made on the day.

1.7.   Presentation

After free sausage sizzle on Sunday about 12.30pm.

1.8.  Tent Sites

The Sea Bees Fishing Club has arranged a “Block Booking” of specified camp sites with the Lake Lyell Park. Sites will be allocated to anglers upon arrival at convention tent, with the aim of keeping club members together.

1.9.  Park Entry/Camping Fees

Lake Lyell Recreation Park Management have provided the following information:

  • Camping fees (except powered sites) this year are a flat rate of $10 per person per night.($5 for children for whole weekend)

  • Each entrant to pay their own fees upon entry (clubs that that pay for all members excepted).

  • Fees are payable at the Main Office adjacent to the Boom Gate. Office hours are 9am – 8pm. Day only visitors can access the park using coins ($5.00) at the Boom gate between the hours of 5am and 8pm only. Note: Only a pin code will open the Boom Gate between the hours of 8pm and 5am. 

  • Participants are reminded that entry gate code is not to be shared by SMS or other means


2.1.   Line classes/rules

Fishing rules as per ANSA’s rule book (but no line classes) and NSW Fisheries regulations. This is a catch & release event.

2.2.  Eligible species

Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Australian Bass and Red Fin Perch (all caught within the boundary of Lake Lyell, Wallace Dam and Thompsons Creek Dam).

Fish are to be released in good condition, except Redfin Perch and Carp (Carp are non-point scoring). Circle hooks are preferred for bait fishing.

2.3.  Categories

  1. Longest Rainbow Trout*

  2. Longest Brown Trout*

  3. Longest Bass*

  4. Longest Redfin (Minimum length 350mm. Must be retained. Cannot be released)

  5. Longest Trout Lure cast (plastic, fly, hard body lure)*

  6. Longest Trout land based (not in a boat)*

  7. Highest point scores Ladies

  8. Highest point scores Men

  9. Highest point score Junior Boys

  10. Highest point score Junior Girls

  11. Longest Trout non-ANSA member

  12. Longest Trout Thompson Creek Dam/Lake Wallace

  13. Champion Boat

  14. ANSA Champion Club (ANSA affiliated clubs)

*   These categories are eligible for ANSA convention circuit (ACC).

** Non ANSA members are eligible for category 11 only.

2.4.  Point scoring

Note Rule Change: Only the angler’s top five (5) fish in each category will qualify for point scoring in “highest point score categories (cat 7-10) and Champion Boat (cat 13)

All fish to be measured to the nearest full millimeter. Photo of the whole fish showing entrant’s registration identification card on an appropriate brag mat is required for all captures and produced for verification to the recorder. The photo must be clear for the recorder to witness. No photo means the fish will not be counted. Score sheets to be signed by angler and accompanied by each photo, are to be handed to the Sea Bees Recorder each day i.e. Saturday (late) and Sunday by 12.00pm. (Note: No score sheets accepted after 12.00pm Sunday 26th May).

2.5.  Trophy

Eafish is only eligible to win one category trophy.

2.6.  ANSA Champion Club

The method of determining the ANSA champion club will be as follows: The five (5) highest point scoring fish of each category shall be awarded points on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis.

(categories 1-9) (1mm = 1 point: nose tip to tail tip). In the case of a tie, points will not be awarded for the next lowest placing. The points so awarded in each section shall be totaled and the club having the highest aggregate shall win.

2.7.  Champion boat

Is the total points for all anglers in the boat combined for all fish caught (1mm = 1 point).

2.8.  Red fin Bucket Challenge

The Redfin Bucket Challenge is designed to assist with management of redfin perch. A prize will be awarded to the individual angler who catches the heaviest sum of redfin over the weekend. Fish should be progressively weighed in over the weekend.

2.9.  Lake Wallace and Thompson Creek Dam (TCD) Rules

2.9.1.   Thompson Creek Dam (TCD)

Thomson Creek Dam is owned by Energy Australia (a key sponsor of the convention) and strict rules apply to fishing this wonderful trout “Trophy” dam holding some very big fish. Any breach of these rules will put at risk the ability to have future access to this dam.

Rules applying to the dam include;

a.      Lure / Fly Fishing only (no bait or Powerbait)

b.      No vessels of any kind allowed on the dam

c.      Access only permitted from Dam Wall entrance (no access through private land or state forest)

d.      No fishing from the dam wall

e.      Fishing is not permitted from 3 hours after sunset to 1hour before sunrise each night

f.       No swimming or wading or fires

g.      One rod only

TCD is approximately 20 minutes drive from Lithgow, plus there is a 25 minute walk to the dam wall from the car park. To get to the dam drive to Wallerawang, take the Portland Road at the western end town. Turn left at the cemetery and follow the road to the locked gate at the end. Park your car then follow the dirt access road on foot to the top of the dam wall. Access is on foot only. The dam circumference, depending on water levels is large and is a 3-4 hour walk around.

See for full details about access and regulations

2.9.2.  Lake Wallace

Shore Access is via the public reserve located opposite Wallerawang Primary School. To get to the reserve take the Wallerawang exit off the Great Western Highway (Barton Ave) and turn right into the reserve just after you pass the Primary School.

Rules applying to the lake include;

a.      No vessels of any kind allowed on the dam

b.       Power boats are prohibited.

c.      Canoeing and kayaking is permitted.

d.      You can use an electric motor on a canoe or small tinny.

e.      Bait and lure/fly fishing is allowed.

2.10.  Disputes/Safety Committee

The committee will adjudicate on any dispute or breach of rules by a competitor or participating club and also to exercise the discretion to suspend or cancel any section of the convention competition in the interest of competitor safety due to inclement weather.

Any protest must be in writing and handed to the convention committee by 12.15pm on the last day (Sunday 26th May), or within 5 minutes of the results being declared.

Disputes/Safety Committee will consist of the Sea Bees President, Club Recorder or their representative and an ANSA State Representative.

2.11.  Disqualification

Competitors not complying with these rules including measuring in undersized fish or claiming a released fish but retaining the fish, will have their entire score disqualified. Fish catches claimed without a photo showing entrants’ registration identification card on an appropriate brag mat will not be eligible.

2.12.  Right of refusal

The Sea Bees Fishing Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the tournament to any person it deems appropriate at the sole discretion of the Organising Committee.


3.1.  Boat safety

All boats must comply with safety requirements as laid down by NSW Maritime. Any boat not complying with these regulations will risk disqualification. The Safety Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat to ensure compliance.  Shore anglers should take particular care if the shoreline lake level has recently dropped/wet.       

Anglers are required by law to wear a lifejacket when directed by the master of the vessel, or in the following situations:

  • Boats less than 4.8m:

    • At all times by anyone under the age of 12;

    • When boating alone or at night, or when being towed.

  • Boats 4.8 – 8.0m:

    • When being towed;

    • If under age of 12, when in an open area of a vessel when underway.

  • Canoes and kayaks:

    • At all times on all waters

Further information on lifejacket laws can be found at

The Sea Bees Fishing Club and ANSA - N.S.W. will not be responsible for any accidents during the entire convention.  Competitors enter entirely at their own risk.

3.2.  Final Tips

  • Competitors are requested to observe etiquette both on and off the water and in proximity to other boats and campers.

  • A reduction in noise and the turning off of music is expected at10pm

  • Convention competitors must comply with rules laid down by any Statutory Authority and Lake Lyell Management.

  • Blocks of camping sites will be reserved by the Sea Bees Fishing Club and allocated with the aim of keeping club members together.

  • Hot showers available in amenities block on top of hill. showers require 2x20 cent coins.

  • BYO drinking water & firewood.

  • The office sells small goods, licenses, Powerbait, worms, some lures, bread, milk, ice & hot food.

  • Fuel is available at the Shell service station at the Lake Lyell turn off on the Great Western Highway – no fuel available on site.

  • For further information regarding this Convention please contact Sea Bees President – Mark Formosa  0404 841 055

We hope you can join us to ensure the 12th Sea Bees Fishing Convention is a success.