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The consistent warmer weather pattern we have had and  the E-NE swell and winds  has increased the water temp. That in turn  encourages migratory species to travel. 
The beaches and rocks also have had an increase in species and numbers which really gets me excited. Finally we can confidently get into the warmer water species from now on! 


Of the ocean beaches there are a migration of whiting and bream. Thanks to the recent rains over the last few weeks the estuaries have had a great flush out which has not been seen for a while.
Whiting and bream are on these beaches. Manly, mid Dee Why, south and north Narrabeen and Mona Vale beaches. Even though Narrabeen lagoon is still shut it is seaping out brackish water beneath the sand int the ocean so fish are waiting to enter when it it is opened. 
The bream are falling for fish baits like half pilchards, fresh mullet fillet. For the whiting  fresh pippies and live beach worms. Sizable salmon off the beaches and a few tailer  starting to show up. Whole ganged pilchards are one of the popular methods. A fish fillet like mullet, yellowtail which can be caught in the estuaries then baited up on ganged hooks also work well and are a great substitute. A recent report from a local catching  a 6kg jewfish. it was caught on a whole fresh squid. The Jewfish season has started so dint miss out! 
For the salmon, tailer and jewfish try Dee Why, Narrabeen and Bungan beaches. Also dusky and bronze whaler sharks up to 1.2m are showing up and will be in good numbers soon. 

Nice kings are available from the estuary and ocean rocks. 
You will have to put in the effort catching fresh squid. Alternatively there are some tackle shops that have a regular supply of quality frozen fresh squid available.  Some shops have sea gars for bait. Lure fishing can be hit and miss but there are days they work very well. 

This is the typical run of whiting of late. There are some fish up to the 35cm mark. If you have trouble catching your own worms i can teach you how to catch them. 

The rock fishing is good at the moment with snapper and bream numbers on the increase. Have you ever been bream fishing off the rocks? A great specie to fish for and great for improving your skills as an angler. Also most bream caught off the rocks are well above legal and it is not uncommon to catch bream over 38cm plus. Snapper numbers are on the increase as well. One of the most popular methods of catching them is distance casting off the ocean rocks.There is gravel/sand bottom at these spots 30 to 100m out. Bait Fresh squid strips, lightly salted slimy mackerel fillets, yellowtail fillets and tailer fillets. For the snapper Bluefish's eastern front, North Curl Curl, Turrametta side of Warriewood head.  Long reef on the shallows and South Curl Curl's Flat rock has reasonable numbers of bream. 
The kings and salmon and soon the bonito will be available as well. Bluefish, South and North Curl Curl, and North Whale headland. The ever green bait- sea gars, live yaccas are working well. live baits suspended under a float, and of course fresh squid. Try lures like the Zerek Fish trap 160 in the mackerel pattern, The Zerek Jet popper 130mm have caught fish as well. Stilstar Slap Stick 6 to 9in stick baits in white or white/red head are also working. Casting metals for the smaller pelagics. 
Here are some group outing you may be interested in. One is a rock fishing outing and one s a beach fishing outing. 


Group trip two to three persons. 
Total: $500 for two and $600 for thee persons total. 
To secure the booking: $80 deposit per person. Remaining amount paid on the day. 
Target: King fish experience.  

Cracker morning high tide! 
Saturday 24th November from 5.30am to 10.30am. 

Call me on 0408-283-616 or email me

Group trip for two to three persons. 
$500 for two and $600 for three persons. 
To secure the booking: $80 deposit per person. Remaining amount paid on the day. 

Target: A Beach worming and whiting experience.

Cracker low and high tide on this morning! 
Sunday 25th November 5.15am to 10.15am. 

Call me on 0408-283-616 or email me

Either one of these trips I would be happy to have a fourth person Total for four persons is $700. 

Please contact me as soon as possible as these group trips may be filled soon. 

Looking forward to guiding you to some great fish. 

Regards Alex