Report on the Estuary Outing, 24th November, 2018.

The three members involved-James Bolliger, Kurt Forrester and Tom Connolly really tried to will the swell down off Killcare, but to no avail. When it showed itself on various sites of over two metres, a decision had to be made.

James, in his keenness, travelled up early Saturday morning to check out Killcare and reported to Tom that there was no way the beach would be suitable and suggested Ettalong Ferry Wharf. The decision was made to go for it! Kurt agreed without question.

By three thirty in the afternoon, the threesome was on Ferry St Wharf without a ferry to interrupt the afternoon. It was quite obvious that they were cancelled due to the offshore swell.

James was the first to strike with a Wrasse and followed up with some Reds and Bream. A good beginning! Kurt had similar success but unfortunately not enough in length. Tom stood by and watched and finally managed an undersized Bream also.


Quite a large group of eleven year old kids also made their presence felt by diving and splashing around providing the entertainment.

Then it happened! Tom’s rod buckled over and a good sized Flathead could be seen making its way to the surface. James ran to get the net and lifted up for the old bloke, a 655mm fish. Within twenty seconds, Kurt was assisted by James for his Flathead-680mm in length. All the three (and the group of kids) were flabbergasted! Since they were females, both were released! A short time later, Kurt scored a 265mm Bream.


After the excitement, things quietened down with a few Reds to interrupt the lull. By eight thirty the boys called it quits!

The highlight: James initiative in checking out Killcare. A beaut example from one of our youngest, longest serving members. Well done James, much appreciated!

Tom Connolly CB56.