Alex Bellissimo - December Newsletter



It is on fire lately. Seems that it's  a better season than last year. Off the ocean beaches Jewfish, whiting bream, tailer, and salmon are in good numbers. Off the rocks snapper, kings, bream, late season trevally, luderick, rock blackfish. Dam feel likes i have ADHD at the moment. where  do i start! 

Starting off on the ocean rocks

Snapper in good numbers in the washes and distance casting.  Fish from the legal 30cm to 45cm range. Wash fishing with light sinker in the sudsy white water. Half pillies, large prawns like king, banana and endeavour. (30-40 to the kg size). Chopped up prawn heads, pills, and wet bread mush for burley. 

Kings on the deeper headlands. fish in that 65cm to some larger fish to hefty 119cm I have seen, very impressive! Lures like the stick bait  Daiwa Saltiga Dorado 180mm, Williamson Popper Pro 180mm and the smaller jet Popper 130mm Baits of preference live yellowtail suspended under a float, big squid strips, even some caught on ganged pilchards. 

Luderick on hair and cabbage weed. Rock blackfish on peeled prawn baits. bream and trevally. 
Locations: Bluefish's Eastern front (dangerous), South and North Curl Curl, South Whale The Ovens. 

Just one of the several kings being caught lately this fish was caught on a Jet popper 50gm.  This is a surface popper. watching a strike from a king snd connecting adds another dimension to your king fishing. 

Big bream and even some trevally on the shallows and deeper headland washes and flooded flats. When fishing the shallow spots(3/4 to 1.5m deep) your whiting rod and matching gear will do. On the deeper headlands(5 to12 m deep) you will encounter some nasty fish from time to time so heavier line class 6-7kg with a more robust outfit will be better for the bream fishing. 

The Beach report. 

kelp has been a real pain in the butt lately but it pays to look before you fish. When you arrive to check out a beach spot stand up high and look for the dark patches which generally indicates there is kelp. 

Several jewfish of late to 11kg. It looks like a great season for this specie so far. Live yellowtail, butterflied yellowtail, tailor fillet, fresh squid strips and medium size whole. 
Whiting are in good numbers too. Live worms like beach and of course the ulti

ate blood worm. Pink nippers are awesome. And if you're finding it tough purchasing or gathering these baits try small fresh river prawns peeled and yes they do work. Bream and some sizeable dart to 35cm amongst the bag with the odd salmon picking up the whiting baits. Manly/Queenscliff(crowded best during the week), Curl Curl, Dee Why, Collaroy, Narrabeen, Newport, Bilgola and Avalon beaches the producers.