Quest for Jewfish.

Last Saturday Mal Clark and I ventured top end of Berowra on Mal's tinny. Big Als at Thompson's Cnr had a esky of fresh Hawkesbury squid. At 5am there was a queue in front of me. People buying a few kilos each. As I hadn't phoned ahead & booked he was reluctant so I had to beg for a few. At the ramp we tried to get a few live poddy but unsuccessful.
First baits screamed off but alas a large ray each. Doh.
Moved downstream. The last hour before top of the ...tide was best with plenty of action. Nice Flathead and smaller Jewie on Gulp plastic. And 5 more Jewies up to 610mm. Nothing over the legal 700. Then bites shut down. We then tried for Bream for over an hour on the return trip and nothing. Weird, we normally bank on them but last few months had been really poor like none there. Anyone know why? Professional netting? Not enough rain? Too hot?
Well it was a good research to see the 'new moon' influence on Jewfish.
I later heard that most of the squid bought is taken up to Stockton Beach were they catch a fair share, usually at night. Have to give that a go one day/night.