Reflections Holiday Parks introduce fuel changes at Lake Glenbawn


Following a rigorous safety analysis and expert recommendation, guests and visitors to Reflections Holiday Parks Lake Glenbawn are advised of the need to refuel at the park’s fuel station or at the nearest service station, rather than bringing their own fuel and decanting fuel within the park.

Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Steve Edmonds said Lake Glenbawn has the facilities in place to safely supply unleaded fuel and would be putting restrictions in place for unsupervised decanting of fuel within the park.

“The storage and decanting of fuels in an uncontrolled manner have been highlighted as unacceptable risks to our visitors and to the pristine environment at Lake Glenbawn, so we have made the call to stop people from carrying fuel into the park for vehicles and boats which needs to be decanted,” Mr Edmonds said.

“We understand the frustration some visitors may feel at not being able to bring in their own fuel drums and jerry cans which need to be decanted, however the safety of visitors, employees and not damaging the environment is of the highest priority.

“The uncontrolled nature of decanting fuel is a risk we are not prepared to take with our guests and visitors who come to Lake Glenbawn for a family holiday or for a day on the dam. Boat owners will still be allowed to bring in fuel that is already within their boat tanks. In addition, boats which have backup supply tanks with fully enclosed decanting systems that can be connected from the tank directly to the outboard motor are also allowed. A very real danger when decanting fuel is potential ignition of vapours, so fully enclosed decanting systems are the only safe way to bring fuel into our parks.”

Lake Glenbawn Manager Colin Rolles said the park’s fuel station and kiosk would be available for visitors, Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Mr Edmonds said an audit of the fuel storage and supply systems and safety practices at the group’s country NSW parks was part of an inland park revitalisation program providing a 10-year roadmap for the redevelopment and structure of these precious community assets.

“Priority projects for these parks, including Lake Glenbawn have encompassed bush fire management and mitigation, installation of water treatment plants, as well as sewer and
electrical upgrades,” Mr Edmonds said.